A South Tyrol holiday in the mountains

In South Tyrol there are countless marvels to discover! The impressive mountain scenery of the Dolomites will reveal its natural wonders and easily prove why it’s a UNESCO world heritage site. Bizarre rock formations, such as the witch benches on the Seiser Alm, or even fossilized corals, which can be found in the cliff walls, astound walkers and geologists alike. Furthermore, the various castles and palaces strewn across the land will transport you back in time. Picturesque mountain villages and farms enchant visitors. South Tyrol is a huge treasure chest full of culture, sights, natural wonders and joie de vivre.


On the path of history…

From imposing palaces and legendary castle ruins to idyllic chapels – South Tyrol has an almost overwhelming number of historical sights. You cannot even escape the wonders on a shopping tour through the diocesan town of Brixen. The wonderful cathedral is already an attraction in itself.
In every town, in every mountain village and even in every alpine farm there is evidence of bygone times to admire.
Historical palaces and castles, such as the castles of Prösels and Tirol or the Taufer castle, should definitely be on your to-visit list. Fans of the Empress Sissi are advised to pay a visit to the dreamlike gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorf. The famous Empress of Austria spent some time here enjoying the picturesque landscape of South Tyrol. The mining industry featured prominently in South Tyrol – numerous tunnels and subterranean museums bear witness to this period in time.
Our Straßerhof is a perfect base for admiring these sights during your dream holiday in South Tyrol.


Natural wonders, like you’ve never seen before …

The UNESCO World Heritage site – the Dolomites – contains truly breath-taking natural wonders! You will often be left speechless on walks through the captivating mountain landscape. The boundless views across meadows, forests and mountains are unforgettable. The Schlern-Rosengarten national park surrounds our family farm and offers an impressive show of nature. The imposing Schlern massif, which gives the national park its name, is one of the landmarks of South Tyrol. You will therefore be completely immersed in the South Tyrolean landscape. We look forward to welcoming you at the Straßerhof.

South Tyrol holiday in the mountains